Beyond the Pain NLP EFT for Resolving Past Trauma and Chronic Health Challenges

FromTrauma to Triumph: Your Path to Health

Just as the dragon's defeat brings peace to the land, resolving past traumas can bring peace to your mind, body and spirit, promoting long-term health and happiness.


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We help remove trauma from your cell structure and yoursubconscious mind

Unresolved past trauma can linger like a heavy burden on the body, fostering illness and physical discomfort. We can turn of the fight or flight pattern you are trapped under.

NLP-EFT Master Practitioner Sessions

If you are trapped in a fight or flight pattern your body can not heal itself.

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I can't say enough about the incredible healing reviews I've read about your NLP services. Your NEOROTRI healing technique has truly made a difference in my sister’s life, and I'm grateful for the transformative impact it's had on our entire family.

For the first time I am actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and am beginning to feel good in my own skin and have the enjoyment of life that I see others having. It is a miracle. Patrick will help you if you let him. He is a gifted and talented healer. To god be the glory!

T. Bindle


Patrick is a channel of the Divine. He said things to me during our healing session that there was no possible way of him knowing that type information about me. If you want to heal from a chronic illness, I HIGHLY recommend Patrick and the beautiful gifts that he has been given.

S. Grason


My quality of life is so much better! Patrick you have helped me so much I am not scared anymore, and my kids have their awesome mom back! Thank You!!! Words can't even explain my gratitude



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Let's start your healing journey today.

Empower Your Healing Journey withNEUROTRI. Cutting edge science meets good old fashion healing.

Patrick, a truly gifted NLP and EFT Practitioner who genuinely cares about your dreams and your future. Take possession of this moment to begin your healing journey and reclaim the life you deserve. The truth is, we all could use a little support as we take that brave step into the next chapter of our lives and slaying are personal dragons.